Burkina Faso - France - Austria

Mamadou Diabate - balafon, voice
Dramane Dembele - peul flute, ngoni, voice
Claudio Spieler - percussion

BAROKAN was formed after the encounter of balafon player Mamadou Diabate and flutist Dramane Dembele in collaboration with percussionist Claudio Spieler.

“Barokan” means conversation or talk in the West-African Bambara language. Any conversation requires the presence of more than one person. The musical instruments in Barokan, such as the balafon and the peul flute, speak an encoded language which could otherwise only be understood by those in the know. We want to share this language and our conversations with the entire world.

Bringing their artistic talents and long-time experience into the creation of this album, the three musicians of Barokan present a jazzy, funky and at the same time classically influenced blend of music without forgetting their roots in the traditional music of Burkina Faso.