Cajon & Bodypercussion
Workshops and Masterclasses with Claudio Spieler

Here you will find one of Claudio´s current workshop descriptions for body percussion and Konnakol:


Workshop for body percussion & South Indian rhythm language with Claudio Spieler

In this percussion workshop, Claudio Spieler will be a „percussive tour guide“ and take the participants on a journey to the roots of rhythm.

We will discover the beauty and fascination of Indian, African, Afro-Cuban, Middle Eastern and Spanish rhythms with the support of an easy-to-learn rhythm language.

This Indian rhythm language helps us to memorize different patterns and phrases and furthermore enables us to transfer them not only to drums but also to any musical instrument.

With exercises based on body percussion, we will develop polyrhythms and interlocking grooves and - as having fun is essential in making music - we will experience playing them in the group.

The participants will join in a rhythm circle with clapping, singing and moving along actively to enhance their feeling of pulse and groove.

This workshop is recommended to everyone who likes to broaden his/her rhythmical horizon in a cheerful spirit.