Expeditie Flamenco
Flamenco meets Percussion

Project “Lab 1”
Flamenco Biennale Netherlands 2013:

Annemarie van Drecht - dance
Carmen Buitenhuis - dance
Hannet Engel - dance
María Marín - voice
Claudio Spieler - percussion

Expeditie Flamenco is a performance group founded in 2010 by flamenco dancers Carmen Buitenhuis, Hannet Engel and Annemarie van Drecht.

Expeditie Flamenco travels in search of the sources and frontiers of flamenco: from India, China, Eastern Europe, North Africa and Andalusia, and from the past into the future.

"We find each other in our passion for flamenco and the way of life that comes with it. This love for flamenco and Spain is what we express dancing and performing with our fellow musicians".